New location for the 31st Oldtimer Festival of the Historical Machinery Club Kempen, Belgium's largest and most beautiful oldtimer tractor show.

17 and 18 August - Baetenheide Weelde-Ravels.

After 22 years, the Old-Timer Festival has been forced to move from the airport to the new ‘Baetenheide’ location in Weelde. Despite the fact that the Historical Machinery Club Kempen is doing everything possible not to harm the environment, it was no longer licensed to stage this great show at the airport.

It’s a sad situation, but don’t worry. Baetenheide is also a beautiful location where you as a visitor are sure to get your money’s worth.

The Oldtimer Festival exhibits an immense collection of antique machines. Hundreds of antique tractors in a wide range of brands, models and types, with gasoline, diesel or petrol engines, are all on display. One of the stars is the famous hot-bulb engine tractors; its extraordinary start-up ritual is always spectacular to watch. There are large, imposing and powerful American prairie tractors, dating from early last century.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the stationary engines either. Large and small, they are all there. Many driving all kinds of machines.

Theme: ‘Articulated tractors’

These special tractors consist of two parts, with a hinge in the middle of the tractor connecting the front and rear parts. The steering is not done by the wheels, but by the horizontal swivelling or ‘twisting’ of the two movable parts. As a result, these tractors have a very small turning radius, resulting in exceptional manoeuvrability.

If you prefer old army vehicles, lorries, cars, motorbikes and mopeds, that's not a problem – you can see them all at the Oldtimer Festival too!

Do you like steam? Come and admire the 100-year-old steam tractors, steam-rollers and steam lorries. The Lanz steam locomobile is already more than 100 years old but can still keep an old clog-maker’s shop going, just like before. In the meantime, the antique saw benche is driven by the Minneapolis-Moline steam tractor, which is already a century old.

Do you remember the large threshers the contractors used to take from farm to farm to thresh the wheat? You can admire such a thresher like the old Fricke in full swing.

A lot of spectacular things are happening at the demo site. Old tractors are working their way through the sand whilst dragging along a plough, harrow, tree logs or an old scraper. Also an old dragline is up and about together with an old GMC dump truck. Another sensation at the Tractor Pulling, where old-timer tractors show how strong they still are.

The old authentic caravans create a special atmosphere. No less than 50 are present. Also check out the interior. Handmade woodcarving and carved windows turn some of them into real gems.

Feel free to browse the big spare parts market for all kinds of old and new stuff. You can also find oldtimer books and instruction manuals.

The nostalgic funfair rides, like the old-fashioned swing ride, provide additional entertainment! Young and old can enjoy these to their heart’s content at no extra charge. The little ones will have the time of their lives  on the carousel, inflatable castles, or in the sandbox.

A visit to the Oldtimer Festival is really worthwhile. Next to the 2000 machines which you can admire it is also a tremendous fun family happening.

Delicious Belgian beers and pleasant music provide sociability in the Party tent. For those who are hungry there is extensive and high-quality catering. What possibly could you want more? So come and enjoy!

The grounds are situated at the airfield of Weelde, suburb of Ravels. A unique, lovely location with lots of green, paved roads and squares. ‘Baetenheide’ can be accessed via the Koningsstraat at Weelde. Signs are present.

You are welcome on Saturday on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m.

Entrance: € 7, children -12 years free.

Parking: free